Saturday, September 3, 2011

My apartment!!


We are finally in our apartment and it is absolutely beautiful! It is so airy and spacious.  The view from me and my roommates bedroom is unreal.  You know those postcards where a narrow, cobblestone street is shown with tall apartments on either side? Yup, well that's my street-Via Bartolo.  Perugia is just so picturesque.  It's everything I have ever seen in movies, books, and postcards.  It's so funny-my roommate and I are so giddy and excited we keep like freaking out!

Last night, we finally ate our first Italian meal and it was delizioso! We started off with real Italian pasta and red sauce followed by salad, chicken, and potatoes, which were all really good.  But dessert was the icing on the cake: chocolate mousse.  A whole glass of it garnished with crushed walnuts on top.  The perfect end to the longest day of my life.

After dinner, me and the group of girls with whom I had dinner all went out for our first drink at a little family run pizza joint right up the street from our hotel.  Our waiter became our first Italian friend :)

Via Bartolo- looking down my street

 View from the center of town (top of hill of Perugia)

Right out of a postcard??!!

Down our street

View from my bedroom window

More from my bedroom

One last view from my bedroom!

Looking down at our street

Enjoy the pictures!! My apartment is decked out-washer, huge drying rack, TV, 2 beautiful bedrooms, a shower (thank goodness!!) to name a few things...


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  1. Wow Melissa, incredible photos (view)! Thank you for showing us Italy through your eyes ♥ So excited for you!