Sunday, September 11, 2011


This past Friday my friends and I went to Assisi for a day trip.  We took the MiniMetro to the train station and then once in Assisi, we took a bus to the top of the hill.  I'm telling you--there are hills everywhere in this country!

Assisi is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life!  It is this old town perched in the side of Monte Subasio.  The town is a province of Perugia and has a very similar feel to where I am located, minus the modernity of my area of the region. 

The girls and I did a lot of window shopping and checked out a lot of the little boutiques that filled the narrow streets.  I also went into the Basilica di San Francesco (St. Francis).  Pictures were not allowed so unfortunately I can't show you all inside.  It was beautiful, though!  I planned ahead and brought a sweater because you are not allowed to have your shoulders exposed.  There was a small mass going on when I first walked in but I wanted to see the tomb of St. Francis. I followed the crowd downstairs and we proceeded to walk around the tomb.  It was SO cool!  There were candles available to place on the tomb of St. Francis and sometime during the year, each candle will get lit.  I gave a small donation and made a prayer.  It was really special experience!

I was in a group of 8 girls and we all had lunch at this mom and pop restaurant.  This was going to be our big meal of the day so some of us ordered a nice glass of wine.  We all asked for a small glass and they bring each of us literally a small pitcher of wine.  I'm pretty sure we all ended up having 2 or 3 glasses of wine each.  I ordered Ciambelle al Camino which was basically 4 huge stuffed gnocci with spinach, riccota, and panna in a delicious homemade red sauce! It was one of the best things I have ever tasted.  Nothing like a true, home cooked red sauce.

Rocca Maggiore

My roomie Alyssa and I

Inside chiesa de S. Maria sopra Minerva Tempio di Minerva

Left:  Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo; Right: Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva Tempio di Minerva

Basilica di San Francesco (St. Francis)

Door of the Basilica

View from the Basilica steps

Oh hey there!

My pitcher of my vino

Delicious stuffed gnocci

The restaurant!

Alyssa and I

Sidewalk chalk drawings

There's not much else to say about Assisi.  It was an absolutely beautiful summer day and I loved being immersed in the culture.  I felt extremely safe there and enjoyed the numerous breathtaking views.  Enjoy the pix!

Oh! Supposedly the Lester Holt interview might be airing on Dateline this week or next...just a heads up!


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