Monday, December 12, 2011

Mi dispiace... (I'm sorry...)

Ciao a tutti!

First, let me apologize for leaving you all hanging with my posts mid-fall break.  I was computer-less for two weeks and just got it back last Thursday.  My logic board stopped working so it was quite the ordeal going around Italy trying to 1. Figure out what was wrong with it and 2. Dropping off/picking up my computer in Florence.   

With just about a week left and finals underway, here is what’s to come.  I will obviously need some study breaks so I will share my adventures with y’all here:

  • The rest of fall break i.e. Milan and Venice
  • A day in the Umbrian countryside olive picking and truffle hunting
  • Food field trip to Parma and Modena

Check back soon!



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